Celebrating African Creativity

Lifestyle Retail, Building African Legacies
& Personal Growth Solutions


Lifestyle Retail, Building African Legacies & Personal Growth Solutions.

A Mind, Body & Soul Approach to Transformation

Are you looking to RENEW or REINVENT your ZEST for LIFE?
Is CHANGE knocking at your door?

  • DISCOVER your AUTHENTIC self with confidence during times of change and TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE
    at home, at work, at play.
  • Celebrate your AUTHENTIC SELF with one-of-a-kind GROWTH products and services.

We partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to achieve their personal and business goals with confidence.

Zenwa Lifestyle Retail

Clothing ~ decor, art & lifestyle ~ Refurb’ed furnishings ~ Books & Journals

YOU ARE UNIQUE! So are the products and services that match your quirky taste.


Shop from One-of-a-kind online shopping platforms, events and publications FEATURING entrepreneurs, creators, designers and artists with unique AFRICAN PRODUCTS but not in the mainstream retail market.

We are passionate about curating unique innovative products and services that help YOU live a holistic, balanced and fulfilled life with confidence.

Our aim is to promote self and cultural awareness, re-use of materials thus reducing landfill and protecting our environment.

Art & Lifestyle

Books & Journals





Through collaborations we take advantage of ONLINE TOOLS and market opportunities to create unique shopping experiences for YOU, and support African Brands.  


Our Promise to YOU…

Unique Design QualityVersatility


Celebrate One-of-a-Kind YOU! The Unique Passionate YOU.

Building African Legacies

Collabo Lab is an Edu-Busi-tainment HUB for RURAL and MIGRANT Art & Design Community. We are driven by innovation, collaboration and growth among various professionals, entrepreneurs, artists and designers.

Our mission is to BUILD and SUPPORT Authentic African legacies by inspiring

  • innovation, knowledge,
  • creativity, art, design
  • and providing creative fulfilment services to emerging art and design entrepreneurs.

Are you Interested in a collabo? 

Personal Growth Solutions

Welcome to Nomna Academy,

A division of Zenwa Concepts. We provide training and workshops online, both in-house (own content) and for external clients (corporates, small businesses). Are you interested in our services?

Make your mark in the legacies we create for future generations.

The combination of practical toolkits, frameworks and templates, live sessions, interactive events, and peer-to-peer conversations will help you ALIGN YOUR LIFE goals with your values, passion, skills, and actions to take in bringing your LEGACY to life.

Being Me Passion Journal Cover Woo

Being ME Passion Journal

Do you want to renew your ZEST for life?
Not enough money to hire a proffessional life coach?
Or the time, knowledge and reasources to figure it out for yourself?
Then this is especially for you


This program equips you with mind, body and soul solutions that will help you REDISCOVER YOURSELF, manipulate and control the impact that change has in your life; embrace positive CHANGE experiences that light up your AUTHENTICITY with CONFIDENCE.


Turn your INNER WISDOM, life lessons and UNIQUE PASSIONS from a hobby / interest into an income stream and a hustle you can invest yourself in and develop, ultimately building a reputable PERSONAL LEGACY brand with CONFIDENCE.

About Me

Hi there, I’m Ncumisa Nomna. I help rural and migrant African Creators CELEBRATE THEIR AUTHENTICITY by guiding them to new experiences, locations and ways of thinking.

My journey revolves around inspiring SUSTAINABLE growth in people’s lives through conversations, art and design, books, travelling, music and food.



What are you passionate about? When you make your passions the things that occupy your daily life, life becomes so much fun and fulfilling, even when it is challenging. I have watched many videos of successful people like Oprah,...

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