Meet Nomna

I am a rural girl with a mission: to live life to the fullest; do all things possible and just fill my heart and soul with all it needs for a rhythmic beat.

Hi there, I’m Ncumisa Nomna. I help rural migrant HUSTLERS build LEGACIES by igniting their PASSIONS into CREATIVE MOJO that fuels AUTHENTICITY.

My world revolves around my family; art and design, travelling, music, and food initiatives and experiences. I also write about these subjects.

I am moved by music, conscious meaningful music; poetry, books, vintage and beautifully crafted clothes; travelling with no plans whatsoever other than a plane ticket and an address.

My home is an extension of myrself, that reflects who I am, where I’ve been and where she I am going, and everybody’s welcome to call it home too.

Art long captured my heart and soul in all its forms, and I spend my days and nights indulging in it.

I am a lover (love being in love – there is no better feeling) and wears my heart on my sleeve; a sister, a friend, a daughter. A cousin, an aunt, a niece that will move the world just to make their lives a tad better, easier, liveable and enjoyable.

A mother, yes I am, never thought I had it in me, guess what, I am one fine mother!!!!!

I walk for miles on end, just for the sake of it, appreciating Mother Nature in her purest and modernised forms.

And I am myself, as I am, daddy’s girl, no pretences, no apologies.

Let's get to know each other...

I would love to get to know you too, so feel free to book a “Soul Connect” where we can spend some time together.