What are you passionate about?

When you make your passions the things that occupy your daily life, life becomes so much fun and fulfilling, even when it is challenging.

I have watched many videos of successful people like Oprah, Jeff Bizos, etc. and the number one factor they cite for being successful holistically and happy with life, whether in business or in a career path, is passion.

I also agree with this statement, having lived on the passion side of life for 11 years now!

Passion keeps your soul’s fire burning when actively being pursued.

In contrast, when you do not pursue your passions, life can be dissatisfying, lack some kind of lustre and just down right heavy.

We were raised differently as the millenial generation. It was instilled in us that we need to be educated so we can get good jobs. We were not taught that you ought to do what you love and passionate about even when you choose a career.

Matters that were considered important in your life choices were, how much you will potentially earn in a career, how quickly you can grow on the career ladder, how stable and comfortable is the job and which jobs are readily available.

This mindset and worldview has led to serious mental, physical and spiritual health issues like depression, anxiety, sustance abuse and addiction etc. being experienced in the course of following this teaching.

It was only later in life as I approached my forties that I felt I had had enough of the rat race, decided to follow my heart and pursue my passions, that life became worthy to get up every morning, even on difficult days when I do not feel like waking up!

The excitement of doing my own thing, deciding every aspect of my life, and pushing my own boundaries whether intellectually, physically, spiritually and emotionally has an adrenaline rush that no previous job can match.

Passion living has also contributed to a greater sense of balance and spiritual alignment for me.

This is because most times the only source of strength, direction and reason is spiritual alignment, practising gratitude, digging deep into my soul self and finding answers to all the challenges I experience that sometimes hinder growth, hamper confidence and create fear.

This requires deep introspection of being comfortable listening to my own soul speak to me and direct its path.

If you are reading this blog and wondering,

❓️What are you passionate about?

❓️How do you begin following your passions?

❓️How will incorporating your passions in your life transform your daily experiences?

Passion truly keeps you joyful and you deserve to live a joyful life too. If you have any of these questions, I would love to help you get started with rediscovering those hidden gems behind your current self.

The Being Me Passion Journal I have created is packed with guided 6 weeks’ worth of daily prompts, exercises, meditation and gratitude journalling prompts that will help you get started on a self re-discovery journey

The journal helps you

✅️check in with your thoughts, emotions and actions daily

✅️align your life goals with your values, passions and skills

✅️plan actions to bring your authentic passionate self to life in all you do.

When you get started with this self-discovery journalling experience, you will not only thrive in your day-to-day world, you will:

🟰unlock your unique skills and expertise

♻️have confidence in your authentic self and

💯be inspired to pursue your creative abilities and interests

Thus live a fulfilling, holistic and passionate life.


Get yourself a journal by clicking here, and purchasing a copy for youself. The journal will be shipped to your address within 7 days of receiving your order.

Until next time, stay passionate, stay inspired, and

Stay Zen❤️


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