I realise I’ve been consistent in what I offer to the world. Despite challenges my vision hasn’t changed. It’s been the same vision, EMBRACING AND NURTURING THE UNIQUE MIND, BODY AND SOULS of those who cross my path, thus building strong African Legacies,
implemented in various ways and places.

From when I was a career woman,

👉developing organisational development and training strategies,
👉Facilitating training,
👉pioneering new technologies, new processes, new visions and breaking them down to manageable info and knowledge bits for people to adopt with ease

When I’m being a friend,

👉the most common friendship duty in my life has been helping friends figure out how to pivot life when a change of direction is needed

And then to being an entrepreneur,

👉the side-hustle that built up so many wardrobes with staple go-to dresses for every occasion
👉the kitchen that brought out the nurturing Pan Africanist soul in me and influenced social change

The emerging artist

👉brought vibrancy to homes with bright cushions that Pop Afro, and
👉#refurbed items that breathed new life to almost-ready-to-throw-out fave furniture pieces
👉inspired other artists to elevate their artistry to the next level through knowledge sharing and resource pooling
👉sharing my thoughts, writing all that inspired me on these pages

And bringing it all together?

👉Helping others find themselves, their authenticity, their je ne se quis and then go for it
👉Dedicating time and resources to each person that needs an ear, a heart and a soul to listen, and support them turn their journey into a succes story!
👉Carrying not just mine, but many other African Creators with me everywhere I land, through markets, exhibitions, expos etc.

It’s always so tempting to try the new best thing when things don’t go well in business.

I’ve shifted locations, tried and tested businesses, volunteered here and there and mostly gave away a lot of free coaching to so many!

One thing’s certain, none of it has ever gone to waste.

It was the firestarter in me wanting to ignite a revolution.

A revolution of
👉Embracing life and seeing opportunities in challenges
👉Building on instead of abandoning our African legacies, which we already have either done or received from those before us

Well, lots of those revolutions found others designated to take them to full maturity.

My role was to show that it’s possible. Theirs was making it happen.

I’m super grateful to all the work done with all the people to all the lives I’ve touched, significantly or insignificantly.

Apparently to really get trusted by others for a paying coaching service there needs to be proof that your methods work.

Reviews are the in thing!

In the same breath that references make or break CV’s, reviews make or break entrepreneurs.


It’s almost so hard to ask people to share their experiences of your help.

Where does one begin?


If you happen to read this, I have helped you in your path, in whichever way, and you’d like to share your experience in order others to reach out and find that help,

Drop a line below

Help a sister out

Be the voice of change

Share your story.

I thank you in advance, for choosing to do so.

And if you would like have some of my magic, send me a direct message and book an apoointment on this link here www.calendly.com/zenwaconcepts .


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