How awesome that the first post that showed up on my Facebook timeline as I got in for the first time today, was a friend being awarded for outstanding achievement!


The reason I came in was coz i realised another moment I wanna archive has just occured.

I attended my son’s Matric Tie Ceremony today.

I reflected of the moment from my perspective as a Mother.

I found myself reflecting on other mommy moments I have experienced in the past, as my kids are growing. Somehow I hardly miss those moments.

I thought to myself,

‘Damn Nomna, you are quite Mom Extraordinaire!, in your own weird way.’

I will elaborate further one day,

Today I just wanna diarise that,

When I was growing up, a world where a mom like me (lifestyle, life choices, way of thinking and being) did not really exist in my eyes. Mom was a different kinda woman from the one I am now.

I have found a way to do it in my own way!

‘Kudos for that, pat on your back girl! You got this, which ever way it happens, so long as it still is the number one buckets-of-joy and everything else it comes with!’

By the way,

I think this serves as the perfect excuse to host that #MothersDay Gala I once hosted at the The Kitchen House Of Tandoor  House of Tandoor -Yeoville in May 2018 in collaboration with NM Events & Projects Pty Ltd..

I’ve been pondering on the idea, now that we have electricity, finally!

And Emfuleni Guest-Farm is ready to have its official first social event, why not celebrate Mothers! Givers of life, incubators of all humankind.

Thank you JAH for your guidance and giant wings that carry us Mothers through this mammoth gift of life you bless us with.

May you make this open letter to my heart, manifest a pure celebration of the gift of life you have endowed upon us as mothers.

Aluta continuuua!

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